Old Port Saint Patrick's Day Holiday Historic Walking Tour


Did you know that national prohibition and Maine's very first craft brewery all started in Portland, Maine's Old Port? Find out all about it, including the history of the Old Port's infamous 1855 Rum Riot, and explore the area's rich history and places of interest from 1632 in this 2 hour exciting walking tour! There are over 50 historic stops including historical landmarks, architecture, and monuments. We will also discuss famous/legendary people of the area, some of the hottest restaurants and craft beer bars, the best places for craft beer tastings, waterfront history, the Old Port's biggest fires, Underground Railroad, shopping, real estate history, night life and much more! Wearing green is not required, but encouraged! There is no drinking on this walking tour, but feel free to indulge after as there are many options in the Old Port. 

Advance tickets required at ticketweb.com $39 per person. 

Where to meet: Monument Square - located directly across the street from the Portland Public Library on Congress Street. 


Leigh Rush Olson, founder of Old Port Historic Tours